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Making plans downtown, but don’t want to walk or take the bus? Working downtown, but don’t want to drive to lunch? Going to the farmer’s market, but don’t want to carry all of your newly purchased fresh produce? Check out the GREENbike program!

What is the GREENbike program?

GREENbike is a non-profit bike-sharing program designed to provide convenient bikes for all people downtown. Much like a bus stop, there are stations placed throughout downtown Salt Lake where you can rent a bike, ride it to your destination, and return the bike to any GREENbike station.

How Does It Work?

Once you’ve purchased a pass (either online or at a kiosk), you can borrow any GREENbike at any GREENbike station in Salt Lake for 30 to 60 minutes, depending on the pass purchased. For the duration of your rental, that bike is essentially yours. You can take it wherever you’d like: the movies, a restaurant, or even to work. When the rented time is over, you can return the bike to any GREENbike station or pay a few extra dollars to keep it longer.


There are 3 GREENbike passes you can purchase: the 24-hour pass, the 4-day pass, and the annual pass. All 3 passes allow you to rent and return any number of bikes during the time indicated by the pass. Note: a credit card is required to purchase any pass.

24-Hour Pass

  • Costs $7
  • Must be purchased at a GREENbike kiosk
  • Rent bikes for 30 minutes at a time

4-Day Pass

  • Costs $15
  • Must be purchased online
  • Rent bikes for 30 minutes at a time

Annual pass

  • Costs $75 (discounted rate available for $56)
  • Must be purchased online
  • Rent bikes for 60 minutes at a time


Stations have been placed all over downtown to make GREENbikes convenient and accessible. The bikes themselves are available all day every day for most of the year. Here’s a map of all the different stations:

While you may not be the actual owner of a GREENbike, the results of a bicycle accident while riding one are the same. If you get injured while using a GREENbike, the Utah Bicycle Lawyers are on your side. We specialize in bicycle accidents and are always here to help.