Odysseus is credited as one of the cleverest characters in Greek myth. He raised the Trojan horse, blinded the Cyclops, and retook Ithaca from scads of suitors without spurring an uprising. However, for all his acumen, Odysseus is known for one other thing: a reckless tendency to needlessly endanger the members of his crew. Resourceful as he was, Odysseus brought many trials upon his party by defiling Athena’s statue, telling the Cyclops his real name, and ignores Circe’s warning to avoid the isle of Helios. While he distinguished himself as a hero by escaping incredible dangers with his wit, it was often his own obtuseness that led to them in the first place. A hero to the ancient Greeks, Odysseus would, today, be drowning in personal injury lawsuits.

In this time-space, there are many who, like Odysseus, unnecessarily endanger others out of carelessness. Unlike Odysseus, these people are more likely to meet with a personal injury attorney in Utah (or Ithaca, as the case may be) representing those who have been wronged as a result of his foolhardiness. While Scylla and Charybdis are not a threat to individuals outside the Odyssey, slip and fall injuries, burns, head trauma, traffic accidents, and other catastrophes befall people throughout the world every day.

To make matters worse, many of these people end up accepting a Trojan horse in the form of an inadequate settlement because they don’t know what their rights are. A personal injury lawyer like those at Christensen & Hymas want to make sure that no one has to suffer doubly when they are the victims of negligence. Personal injury attorneys of their caliber have been known to garner 2-3 times more for their clients than their clients could obtain by themselves. Let Christensen & Hymas work for you. If you find yourself wrangling with an Odysseus after an injury, don’t hesitate to call 801-506-0800 for a free consultation.