Riding a bicycle is an efficient way to get in touch with your physical self. Nothing compares to engaging your whole body in an activity—your eyes survey the road ahead, your mind strategizes on how best to avoid obstacles, your hands steer the handlebars, your legs propel you through space, and…And you feel something jerk, a pain in your lower back, and turn around to find that your seat is loose.

While you don’t need an expensive bicycle to enjoy the activity, it’s always a good idea to keep whatever you own in good repair so that your synergy is not interrupted by something like a loose bicycle seat. An adult bicycle seat should be high, horizontal, and properly tightened lest you leave your tail behind you like one of Little Bo Peep’s flock.

A well-oiled machine, be it the bicycle or its rider, can only prevent against those accidents for which the rider is responsible to avoid. For others, the Utah bicycle accident lawyers at Christensen & Hymas are there. To request Russ Hymas’s Bicycle Book, call 1-800-LAW-BOOK; or, for a legal consultation, call 801-506-0800.