Holding hands riding bikesRiding your bike individually or with a group can be very beneficial to your health, psyche and overall well-being.

Listing the benefits from biking is a very easy task, as there are many. Here are some of them:

  • First and foremost, biking is the most environmentally-friendly mode of transportation. We often hear concerns about carbon emissions and threats of global warming. In addition, the rising issue of non-renewable fuel sources has many Americans concerned for our future. If you wish to reduce the strain on the environment and our future, riding a bicycle every now and then would be a very good start.
  • By using your bike, you can cut your personal fuel consumption and save money. The cost of fuel is every rising, substituting driving your car with riding your bike, will allow you to save money for things that really matter.
  • Biking provides the user a good and inexpensive way to exercise. Who needs a gym pass when you can get outside and enjoy the scenery while riding your bike? Breaking up your workout routine by adding biking to work or school a couple times a week can get you to that target weight and improve your fitness and strength abilities.
  • When riding your bike to or from school/work, you are able to distress and focus on the tasks at hand. This time gives you the opportunity to exercise and forget about the world for awhile and just ride.
  • The use of a bike allows you to explore places that may not be accessible to cars. You can follow a trail and be away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life.
  • Skip the traffic and fly by cars on your bike. In heavy traffic areas, riding your bike can actually get you to where you are going faster.

There are things to be cautious about when riding your bike. Don’t forget to travel safely and be aware of traffic if you are traveling on a busy route. Always wear a helmet. Bring a phone, water and some useful tools or gadgets when biking alone. Be prepared for bad weather and dress appropriately.

Biking can be more fun with friends and family. Encourage your family members to take an interest in biking. This could be a wonderful opportunity to bond with siblings or other family members. Biking can be your time together and a chance to talk about things in a more personal setting. Biking as a group allows you to push harder and get that encouragement to keep you going. So ride a bike and bond together as a family or a group. Today would be a great day to start.

If you have any questions about the cycling laws in Utah, request our free Utah Bicycle Accident Handbook.

Image courtesy of Flickr