Just because you take your cycling seriously, that doesn’t mean you can’t inspire a few laughs along the way. You’re bound to stand out in these jerseys, while conquering your next century or just taking a leisurely ride through the canyon.

Tron inspired

Tron cycling


Based on what was easily the coolest part of 2010’s remake, these jerseys will definitely make you feel like you’re zooming around on a light cycle. You can even complete the image with these LED’s that will make your tires glow like rings of light when you ride, not to mention the safety enhancement. Just don’t expect your foes to burst into a cloud of pixels when they ride behind you. Shame.

Pee Wee Herman

pee wee cycling


Based on one of the most iconic bike riders in our history, this functional and ahem… “stylish” polyester blend skintight outfit will let you dominate, or at least distract, your competition. When you get the lion shaped bell you’re sure to attach, your position as crowd favorite will be assured.

Cycling Inside Joke

if it ain't broke cycling


If you get it, you get it. Enough said.

Crash Test Dummy

crash test dummy cycling


Hopefully the visibility alone will prevent any irony here.

Prison Break

prison cycling


If you’re willing to accept some attempted citizen’s arrests and some cops pulling you over, this jersey might be for you. Just make sure to carry some ID unless you want to go back to station for some questioning.

Star Trek Team

Star trek sycling


Welcome to the next generation, where it’s officially acceptable to be both an athlete and a nerd. These jerseys will proudly proclaim to the world that you are prepared to go where no man has gone before and explore brave new worlds of awesomeness. Let’s be honest though, you probably don’t want the red one.

Does Whatever a Spider Can

spiderman cycling


You’ll be the envy of everyone in this incredibly detailed high quality lycra blend cycling suit. Plus, when you’re done riding you won’t even need to change before going to the costume party at work.

The number one thing on the road is safety and in any of these suits, you definitely won’t be missed. If any of these suits seem your style, click on the links in the descriptions above to find where you can purchase them.