Training wheelsSome of the most popular memories for children include learning how to ride their first bike.  Parents usually gauge their children and evaluate when the perfect time to invest in a bike.  When they do make this initial investment they need to be sure to equip their child with the correct bike or it could cause serious injury or harm down the road.  The following is a list of information parents should consider when outfitting their children with a bike.

The Do’s to Bicycle Fitting:

  • Children should be able to place both feet on the ground if they are standing over the bike.  There should be about a one to three inch gap between the bicycle frame and the child.
  • Find wheels that aren’t too big for the bike.  The wheels can determine how easy it is to steer the bike and navigate over barriers.
  • Find training wheels that aline perfectly with the ground.  Some parents start off with the training wheels raised slightly, but this could potentially create more falls as the child learns to balance.
  • Typically a 2-4 year old will fit a 14 to 17 inch bike.  A 4-6 year old will fit a 16 to 20 inch bike. A 5-8 year old will fit a 18-22 inch bike.

The Don’ts to Bicycle Fitting:

  • Don’t come ill prepared to a bicycle purchase or investment.  Know the correct inches of your child and their dimensions so you don’t buy a bike that is too big.
  • Even if your child is a fast learner, do not overestimate their abilities and invest in a bike that is too big or too advanced for your child.
  • Take the safety precautions such as helmets and the right protective clothing to make the bike a positive experience for the child.  You do not want clothing that can get caught in the wheels or in chain of the bike.

Fitting your child with the right bike and getting them to always wear a helmet can prevent brain injuries and broken bones that can sometimes occur from falling off of a bike. You want your child to have the best experience, and while you may have some falls and tumbles every now and then, it is important to do all you can to prevent these accidents. No parent wants their child to be seriously injured, and the truth of the matter is they can incur a serious injury if they are not equipped with the proper safety gear or the proper bike.

Image courtesy of Wikimedia.