Experienced cyclists know that choosing the right bike can make the difference between enjoying or tolerating your ride. The right bike will enhance your ability, minimize your weaknesses,and most importantly increase your fun.

1. Find a Great Local Bike Shop

In a world of online stores and cyber deals, a lot of people overlook this step and save money by getting bikes online. Unfortunately these cyclists are missing out on a vital part of being a consistently great rider. Having a trustworthy local bike shop as a resource will help you to become involved in the cycling community and be networked with experts that will help keep you stay on the road.  Find a conveniently located shop that has good mechanics you can trust and you enjoy going to. Great friendships can be formed this way while sharing experiences and knowledge that will enhance your cycling career.

2. Pick the Correct Style of Bike

When considering buying a bike, picking the right style is a big commitment. While sometimes it can seem that there is an endless and intimidating number of selections, it is important to remember there are basically four types that can fit what you’re looking for.

Mountain Bikes: Slower but sturdier than road bikes, these usually have a high clearance for obstacles and big shocks. The wide knobbly tires allow for traction on a variety of surfaces. Somewhat cheaper than road bikes, make sure you are getting one only if you are planning on riding off road. Otherwise it will just slow you down and you will have a lot of features you don’t use.

Road Bikes: If you are planning on riding exclusively on pavement, a road bike will allow you to go longer and faster than other options. Lightweight frames and skinny high pressure tires minimize drag and resistance for maximum efficiency. Just like every type of bike, different materials from steel (heaviest and cheapest) all the way to carbon fiber (Uber-light and Uber-expensive). Find the right balance of cost and function for what you need.

Hybrids: The ideal commuter bike, a hybrid takes some of the best characteristics from road and mountain bikes into one sturdy, fast, and comfortable ride. Medium sized tires allow for traction on day to day surfaces ranging from pavement to gravel to dirt paths while retaining some speed and lightness. Usually these bikes come with city friendly accessories like lights, racks, and locks.

Cruisers: Bikes that emphasize comfort over everything else, these are perfect for laid back Sunday rides on the beach. Very mechanically simple, these are better for flat terrain and easy rides.

3. Try it out!

Going cheap can cause more problems than it solves, so taking a test drive is a great idea before you shell out a lot of money on your choice. Good shops will let you take a test drive, or you could borrow one from a friend. This is another problem with buying online, unless you are highly experienced you probably don’t know what you’re getting. The guys at your local bike shop will help you find the right style, size, and gear to help you be successful.

In the end, a great bike can provide years of enjoyment and transportation. Being smart about your purchase and maintenance will ensure your bike stays as useful as the day you buy it. Before you hit the road, make sure to get our free book containing things every cyclist should know. Visit www.utahbicyclelawyers.com or call us at 801-506-0800 and we’ll ship it to you.