KSL reports that Oscar-winning Gene Hackman was hit while riding his bicycle in the Florida Keys. Apparently, a pick-up truck hit him from behind while he was riding on the side of the road. Fortunately, he endured little injury, including minor bruises and scrapes. This story serves as a reminder that all riders are susceptible to bicycle accidents and protection is a key way to reduce a major injury in such an incident. If you happen to become a victim of a serious bicycle accident, it may be worth consulting with a bicycle accident lawyer.

Bicycle Lawyers and Bicycle Safety

Statistics show that bicycle use is increasing across the United States, yet with the increase in cycling comes an increase in bicycle accidents. Though to some it may seem ironic, bicycle safety is the number one concern for bicycle lawyers. How nice it would be to be out of a job because there are no more bicycle accidents and people rode in safety! By practicing safety, it not only reduces major injury, but also it will provide you the assurance that you are protected as you enjoy your ride. Included are three great safety tips to continue your bicycle ride with pleasure:

  1. Always wear a helmet
  2. Don’t use headphones
  3. Dress to be seen

If a serious bicycle accident should happen, a bicycle lawyer is here for your support. Kenny Christensen and Russ Hymas will represent you with compassion and professionalism. His staff understands the need for healing following an accident, and they pledge to do their part by taking care of your legal needs while you emphasize physical and emotional healing. Your needs will be met with one-on-one attention to your case.  Contact the Christensen & Hymas Law Firm at 801-506-0800 for a free consultation and let us tell your story.