May 31, 2014 @ 2:00 pm
Copperton Park
8655 West 10390 South
Copperton Park, Copperton
Steve McIntyre

Angel’s Hands Foundation (AHF) was founded in 2001 by Mark and Roxann Kristensen, and Steve and Sue Stauffer. After returning from a National MPS Conference on the Kristensen’s son Matt’s disease, and experiencing the daily needs of a families living with unusual medical circumstances, the Stauffers and Kristensens decided to raise money to help Utah families deal with the everyday struggles facing families living with rare diseases.

Steve’s sister Debbie who lived with Down’s syndrome, and Matt, both passed away in 2002. AHF continues to grow and support Utah families. The mission of AHF is simple, “Improve the quality of life for individuals living with rare diseases.” In 2001, AHF supported Utah families with three forms of a rare disease (MPS). Since 2001, AHF has provided support and assistance to Utah families living with over 150 different rare conditions and about 50 undiagnosed conditions. AHF has also provided financial support to local children’s hospitals, local school districts, and other local charities that support these families. AHF continues to find unique diseases and conditions where families need assistance.