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Bicycling benefits our health in many important ways. But have you considered the environmental benefits of cycling? The increased popularity of cycling only helps the environment. Switching out your bike for your car during a commute can significantly decrease emissions and your overall environmental impact.

At Utah Bicycle Lawyers, we love spreading the word about the benefits of cycling. This post explains some of the ways that cycling helps the environment.

Important Environmental Benefits of Cycling

While there are many ways that cycling can help the environment, these are some of the most basic and important environmental benefits of cycling:

  • No fossil fuels burned: You don’t need gas or coal to help you peddle your bike to work. You just need your feet.
  • No harmful batteries or motor oil: Again, this reduces the amount of oil and other resources needed to power your vehicle. The only fuel you need is food and motivation.
  • Bikes use less rubber, foams, and plastics than cars do: Cars use many materials that can be harmful to the environment, including rubber and plastic. Bikes use these materials too, but in much smaller amounts.

The website for Bike to Work Day provides a helpful chart showing how cars contribute to pollution:

Emissions from a 10 mile round trip commute 5 days a week for a year

Vehicle MPG Gasoline Emissions
Small Car 35mpg 68 Gallons .7 Tons of CO2
Midsize Car 20mpg 124 Gallons 1.3 Tons of CO2
SUV/4×4 14mpg 170 Gallons 1.9 Tons of CO

Cycling to work can cut these emissions to zero!

Your Utah Bicycle Lawyers

Cycling is an incredibly rewarding activity. The many environmental benefits of cycling are just some of its perks. However, it can also be dangerous when reckless drivers are nearby. If you are injured by a reckless or careless driver while cycling, you may be able to win compensation in a personal injury case. We at Utah Bicycle Lawyers can help you win your case!

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