A popular kiddie treat consisting of raisins atop a celery stick smeared with peanut butter is called, for its obvious resemblance, “bugs on a log.”  The term is sometimes similarly applied to individuals left vulnerable to injury (although probably not for their likeness to celery).  There are many things you can do to make yourself a bug on a log—walking on stilts in a thunderstorm, failing to put on a tin foil hat while communicating with alien space creatures, and trying to represent yourself when making a bicycle accident claim, for instance, will make you easy pickings when the vulture of bad fortune comes a-stalking.

Walking on solid ground and looking like the tin man are easy tasks in comparison to navigating the byways of a personal injury suit.  Bicycle accidents can be complicated and expensive affairs which call for expert guidance.  Luckily, the best Utah bicycle accident lawyer is easily accessible by phone or online.  For toll-free advisement from the nationally-renowned Christensen & Hymas firm, call 801-506-0800.