If you have been involved in a bicycle accident a big question you might have, is whether you have a case and whether nor you should hire a personal injury attorney.

The Utah Bicycle Accident Handbook written by Kenneth L. Christensen contains the information necessary to understand the basics needed to begin answering those two important questions.

“As with anything involving insurance companies, bicycle accident claims can quickly become complicated. Having some basic knowledge…can help you navigate those rough waters and help you determine whether you need legal representation,” (pg. 13).

Statute of Limitations

This is a crucial part of any claim. “The statute of limitations is an important timeline that designates your window of opportunity to file suit against the responsible party. If the statute of limitations expires, you may no longer bring a case to court,” (pg. 13). The statute of limitations pertaining to bicycle accidents is generally four years, however, if the accident was the fault of a government agency, the statute of limitations can be as short as one year. You should consult with an experience personal injury attorney to see what the limitations on your case are.

Who Can I Receive Compensation From?

The first type of bicycle accident that comes to mind usually ending in compensation is that involving an automobile. These types of accidents are common and “in this type of accident you can recover damages from the drivers of automobiles, buses, trucks or motorcycles. However, a common misconception concerning bicycle accidents is that the claim is only legitimate or worthwhile if the accident involved a motor vehicle,” (pg. 14).

There are numerous other causes of bicycle accidents that qualify for compensation. “For injuries resulting from bicycle malfunction, you may be able to claim damages from the manufacturer or retailer of the bike. If the accident is a result of unsafe roadways or the lack of maintenance of a street, you may be able to recover damages from the city or state” (pg. 14). These are just a few of the causes of bicycle accidents that could result in compensation. For a more complete list, request The Utah Bicycle Accident Handbook on Utahaccidentbooks.com today or call the bicycle accident lawyers at the Christensen Law Firm for a consultation at 801-506-0800.