road signPeople usually stand together for a worthy cause. People’s voices can be heard when it is expressed during a peaceful and worthy public assembly. In Provo, such democratic display was exercised for a well-defined biking space in the city. In the name of “Provo Bicycle Plan”, cyclists came together to be heard.

The Provo Bicycle Plan is a document that will help make city planners make the city more bike friendly. This includes adding more bike lanes to roads, connecting preexisting bikeways, creating a safer community for cyclists and other initiatives. According to the article, this plan was created by various city stakeholders. However, Provo cyclists claimed that they have not seen much progress on the plan during the past couple years.

In order to encourage city council members to continue progress with the Provo Bicycle Plan, cyclists and community members came together to hold a rally at the city center Tuesday, November 19.

Aaron Skabelund, rally organizer and Provo Bike Committee chairman said that the purpose of the rally was to call on the Mayor and the City Council to take political leadership and pass this bicycle plan and to pass it without compromising its integrity.

Activists say the unconnected bike lanes and trails make it potentially dangerous and intimidating for residents to ride around town. If the plan is implemented, more people will bike since it will be safer for them.

Skabelund believes that the implementation of the Provo Bicycle Plan is a way of giving people viable choices.

The article added that Skabelund and the others presented their case in a meeting at the Provo City Council after the rally.

Some posters in the rally reflected the following messages:

  • Bike friendly city is a family friendly city.
  • I bike three miles to school and I want to be safe.
  • Bikes belong on the road too.
  • Feel like a kid again- ride a bike.
  • I walk or ride my bike to school every day. The Bike Plan will make students like me safer.

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