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One of the biggest concerns for many cyclists is getting in an accident. This is a valid concern, since many cyclists are seriously injured in crashes. At Utah Bicycle Lawyers, we regularly help cyclists win compensation in accident cases. However, cyclists are not always the victims in all crashes. When are cyclists at fault in accidents? This post explains situations where this is the case, so that you can avoid landing in trouble.

Cyclists at Fault in Accidents: What Does the Law Say?

In the majority of situations, Utah law treats bicycles as vehicles. Because of this, cyclists are governed by most of the same laws and regulations as drivers.

For example, if a cyclist runs a red light, and is hit by a driver travelling legally through that intersection, the cyclist may be at fault. Of course, each situation is unique — but breaking or bending traffic laws while on your bike is never a good idea.

In general, you may be at fault if you were what the law calls “negligent.”  If you are cycling in a careless or reckless manner, you may be liable in an accident. Several requirements must be met to determine negligence. These include:

  • A cyclist, or a driver, was legally required to exercise caution and reasonable care (this is required at all times on a bike or while driving).
  • The cyclist or driver did not exercise caution, or was not reasonable careful.
  • The cyclist’s or driver’s action caused injury or other damages to another person.

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At Utah’s Bicycle Lawyers, we often answer the question, “when are cyclists at fault in accidents?” But we understand that in the majority of cases, the bicyclist is not at fault. We dedicate our practice to helping cyclists injured by reckless drivers and other careless parties. If you are injured on your bike due to someone else’s negligence, please contact us today! We can help you win your accident case. During our free initial consultation, we will discuss your situation and how to best approach your injury claim.

We think it is essential for our clients to understand their own cases. Because of this, we wrote a book, The Utah Bicycle Accident Handbook. This book outlines bicycle law in simple terms, and can help you feel confident about your case. Order your absolutely free copy today by clicking on the title above!

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