Trax in Salt Lake CityA man tried to beat the traffic late last Monday evening when a car heading west failed to see him before it was too late. It happened at the intersection of 500 W and 500 S, and cars were traveling fast in preparation for entering the freeway. The man on the bike, who is in his early 50’s, was wearing a dark shirt and jeans when he tried to cross against traffic. The woman driver, westbound, had a green light and failed to see him until impact was imminent. Onlookers say she tried to avoid hitting him, but could not stop or swerve in time to avoid collision. Police say that she stayed on the scene and cooperated throughout the evening. She is not being cited because she broke no traffic laws and tried to avoid the ┬ácollision. She simply could not stop in time.

The mans condition, as of Wednesday, remained critical. More recent updates could not be found. It is important for all cyclists to take responsibility when riding. Observe all traffic signals, signs, and laws, and when riding at night, be sure to wear bright clothing and have reflectors on your bike. While no one was at fault in this accident, it could have been prevented if everyone had done their part to increase safety.

Just over a month ago, a cyclist was killed by a TRAX train when he let one train pass and then navigated around the crossing arms without seeing another train coming from the opposite direction.

Just like in a vehicle, cyclists must always obey all traffic signs and directors. These traffic control devices are in place to protect the rider and other people on the road. We at Christensen and Hymas always plead safety over impatience. Most likely these bikers were trying to save themselves a few seconds by crossing when it appeared to be clear, but ignoring the traffic signals that said otherwise. Please be careful out there, and we can all safely share the road together.


Image courtesy of Paul Sableman