Why Bike Shoes?

If you find that you ride more than about 10 miles a day, you may consider investing in cycling shoes. While wearing regular cross trainers while biking is fine, you may find that wearing cycling shoes can first and foremost make your ride a more comfortable one. Created specifically for cyclists, bike shoes are made more rigid, are more easily adjusted, and are made with special tread that allows more foot security while pedaling and efficiency while cycling.  Whether you are seasoned cyclist or a beginner, shoes that are designed and constructed specifically for cyclists can help you both save energy and feel more comfortable on those long rides.

How To Choose

Brand new, good quality cycling shoes can cost an average of anywhere from $100-$400. Depending on whether you are a road cyclist or mountain biker, the type of shoe needed will vary. Mountain biking shoes typically are less rigid to allow you the flexibility of dismounting your bike and walking when need be, while road bike shoes are more stiff. Cycling shoes typically come with compatible pedals that allow you to secure your feet when you ride.

Off-Road Cycling

Shoes used for mountain biking have a stiff sole like a hiking shoe, but they are lighter in weight. They are thicker than road bike shoes to add protection, and use a regular lace or hook-and-loop strap system to tie up the shoe and to adjust it to meet your comfort needs. Some mountain bike shoes are clipless, others have flat soles. Some have removable cleats in order to help you better adjust between riding and hiking. The upper part of the shoe reaches higher than the road bike shoe.

Road Cycling

These shoes, unlike mountain biking shoes, are built for riders who never need to put their feet down, with little consideration given to those times when you need to stop and walk. They are light, rigid, and are supposed to be a snug fit for your feet.

Casual Footwear

If you like to both mountain bike and road bike, or if you are just a casual cyclist, you may also consider the new up-and-coming hybrid cycling/casual footwear. These shoes allow even more versatility, and, as their name suggests, are built for significant amounts of time spent walking and riding.

Clipless Pedals and Shoes

The clipless pedal/shoe combination is the genius of cycling shoes; it is a system that requires you to buy corresponding pedals and cleats together. Once you put on your shoes and hop on your bike, your shoes will “click” into place on the pedals. Having your feet clipped to your pedals allows you to have more power as you pedal, more control as you maneuver, and will better prevent your feet from slipping on the pedals as you increase in speed on your bike. If you are a casual rider, you won’t need to worry about the clipless pedal/shoe system—standard rubber pedals will work just fine. And if you choose to go with the clipless system, don’t worry, your feet can unclip just as easily as they clipped in, so you won’t have to worry about being stuck.

Photo courtesy of: Glory Cycles