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Spring is getting closer, and with it more regular cycling. You may soon find yourself looking at your bike, and fretting that you haven’t stayed in shape through the winter. But don’t worry — you’re not alone. It is sometimes difficult getting back in cycling shape. Or, if you are just starting out, getting in cycling shape at all. The simple steps in this post can help you do it!

Set Small and Realistic Goals

Don’t expect to smash any personal records on your first ride. You know your body better than anyone else, so think about what you can realistically do. Start small and slowly work your way up to ambitious and challenging goals. This will be healthier and more fun than punishing yourself every time you ride.

Stretch — a Lot

Before jumping on your bike and taking off, engage in some preparation. Make sure you stretch before cycling. Stretching loosens your muscles and helps your body get ready for a great workout. It can also help you focus and get in the right mental state. Taking care of your muscles and staying hydrated will help prevent injuries that could cut your season short.

Eat Well and Wisely

It is important to eat healthy, but don’t cut calories like crazy. This can drain your strength and energy levels. Eat to match your activity level, and make sure you are getting the nutrients to replenish after rides. It is also important to avoid eating too much. This can lead to lethargy and cramps. So, eat well but wisely when you are trying to get into cycling shape.

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