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Many cyclists, ourselves included, are taking advantage of these last autumn months to get in some final warm rides before winter sets in. October is a great time to ride, and Halloween is an opportunity to have an extra bit of fun doing it! Over the years, we have seen many clever cyclists incorporate their bikes into their costumes. Here are our tips for creating the best cycling Halloween costumes.

Tips for Great Cycling Halloween Costumes

Halloween is a fun time to get creative, but remember to keep your costume comfortable and safe so that your holiday isn’t ruined!

1. Stay Comfortable

Halloween costumes can get cumbersome after a while. Make sure your costume is not only safe, but comfortable for a potentially long night of riding. A good cycling costume should leave your legs free, fit comfortably, and allow your head to swivel fully to see everything on the road.

2. Get Creative

There are hundreds of amazing cycling Halloween costumes to create. The possibilities are virtually endless. Check out sites like Bike NYC and IceBike for some inspiration. Pop culture offers plenty of ideas. Create a Mad Max-inspired Road Warrior bike, or make a version of a Halloween classic, like a witch. With a little bit of time, you can make a masterpiece out of your bike.

3. Stay Safe

When creating your costume, keep safety in mind. Here are some basic tips for staying safe while enjoying the night.

  • Avoid capes

Superhero looks are popular, for good reason — but a cape on a bicycle is a recipe for disaster. It can get caught in the spokes or the chain, leading to a crash.

  • Keep your eyes on the road

Avoid full masks, as they can block your peripheral vision. Use face paint instead, or remove the mask while riding. You never know when an excited trick or treater will run into the road.

  • Leave room for a helmet

It can be fun to think of ways to work a helmet into your costume. If you can’t seem to find a way, don’t just go without one. Helmets will protect you against serious injuries in the event of a crash.

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