People are amazing. From the 3 minute mile, to impossible distances on a bike, we are continually pushing the limits of our ability. Reaching new heights every year. Cyclists continue to shock the world with new records and achievements that seem to defy all odds. And when records are broken, dreams are made. Here are the best of the best:

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Ride Across America

This is a grueling near 3000-mile endurance challenge. It spans from Oceanside, California, all the way to Annapolis, Maryland. Truly a ride across the country.

Calendar Year

This record is decided on the number of miles you ride in a 365 consecutive days. It is about consistency and hard work. How many miles can you ride in a year?

  • The record was broken in 2015 by American Cyclist, Kurt Searvogel, who rode 76,076 miles.
  • He had to have ridden an average of 208 miles a day. How many miles can you ride in a year?

Land’s End to John O’Groats

This is possibly the most popular endurance ride in the world. It spans from the southwest edge of Great Britain to the northwest. You ride across an entire country! Overall, the entire trip totals 874 miles. Here are a few of the records set:

  • In 2001, Gethin Butler set the record, finishing in 44h 4m 20s.
  • That same year Lynne Taylor set the women’s record, reaching John O’Groats in 2 days 4h 11s.

Wheelie Record

While this is not technically an endurance record, it is impressive in its own right. In 1998, Kurt Osborn held a wheelie for 11 hours straight. To further his records, he traveled 2,839 miles across the United States to become the first person ever to travel coast to coast on a wheelie.