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Diet is an essential part of any exercise plan — cycling included. While some associate diets with bland food and persistent hunger, that doesn’t have to be the case. Simply cutting calories can lead to malnutrition and low energy. A good part of your cycling diet should center on one controversial nutrient: carbohydrates. Many diets label carbs as a bad thing, but they can provide crucial energy. Read on to see what kind of carbs to incorporate into your cycling diets.

Cycling Diets: Before, During, and After Your Ride

It is important to watch what you eat before, during, and after you ride. These moments make up a huge portion of effective cycling diets.

Whenever you decide to ride, make sure you eat breakfast. When you wake up, your body has gone several hours without eating and getting nutrients. Skipping breakfast equals low energy levels throughout the day. Some great foods to eat before you get on the bike are bananas, eggs, and rye bread toast.

While You Ride

If you are riding for an hour or more, you need to refuel and re-hydrate. Carbs can help with this — especially in the form of energy/sports drinks, which will hydrate while also fueling your ride. Snacks like nuts and fruit can also be effective.

After You Ride

Recovery meals are very important. Eating after riding will help you maintain energy levels. A healthy type of cereal is a quick and easy choice. Don’t eat too much, however, as that can cancel out some of the progress of your ride.

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