Fruits and vegetablesLike any other sport, cycling can provide a great workout for the rider. In many cases the amount of effort on behalf of the rider is directly related to how hard or long you ride. While not all rides you take on your bicycle will be strenuous, there are some rides that can take a lot out of you both on or off the road. Many of those who enjoy the sport like to train and work out, finding great joy in both. One of the best ways to get the most out of cycling is to cross train and eat healthy. The following is a few suggestions you should think about while preparing to get the most out of your rides:


There are multiple ways to cross-train to get the most out of your rides. To help with the climb cyclists should consider running in their free time.  Running helps strengthen the lungs and will strengthen the leg muscles which will subsequently help riders pedal and breathe. Weight training, which helps tone and firm multiple parts of the body, will help give riders the endurance they need to pedal longer and faster and support their arms.  Any amount of swimming or water workouts will strengthen riders cardio endurance and help them feel stronger overall.  Jump roping will also help increase the speed and stamina on which cyclists can utilize in their rides.  In other words; utilizing or working out your circulatory system is the best way to move forward with your cycling goals.  Any amount of muscular development will be beneficial to the rider.


Providing your body with the right amount of fuel to endure your ride is the best way to go. Riders should have a plan for the long run in maintaining their nutrition so they can ultimately get the most out of their ride.  If you are planning on a hard ride everyday, riders should eat lean meats, fruits and vegetables, and whole grains. There should be a decent amount of caloric intake; however, there is no one set recipe for everyone. The important thing to remember is to listen to your body and give it the healthy basics. Eating a bunch of ice cream or sweets before you go on a ride whether strenuous or not, will not be good for your body or your endurance. Some people may be able to perform well, but for the long term  riders should use general health guidelines if they are looking for a comfortable and peaceful ride.

Many riders enjoy working out and training both on and off the road. This can be difficult with other vehicles, and sometimes accidents happen.  If you have been injured in a cycling accident, please contact us at Christensen and Hymas for a free consultation.  We want healthy riders who are safe both on and off the road.  Call us at 801.506.0800.

Image courtesy of Wikimedia.