Although our reality is slightly different from the 2015 seen by Marty McFly, there is some impressive technology on the roads already. Electric bikes now come with GPS tracking, fingerprint lock system, laptop docking, among other high-tech features.  So if you want to be able to fly on your bicycle or simply would like a music player attached to your frame, this list might have the bike you want. Here are some of the most high-tech and sophisticated bikes yet. Although many of these are still on planning and prototyping stages, others are already on the streets. Check them out.


Di-Cycle: Floating BikeEbiq: Electric Bike, The Flying Bike, Colapsible Bike, ThisWay: Roof Covered Bike, Boardman’s Bike, Nulla: Minimalist Bike, Zweistil: Variable frame Bike, Plus Bike, Bik.e: Volkswagen’s Electric Bike