The recent Ulcer Bike Race, which took place at Thanksgiving Point on August 6, 2011, saw a myriad of bikers participating in a myriad of events. Various distances ranging from 30 to 100+ miles brought out tandem bikers, die-hards, parents with kids, biker debutants, and, wait for it, even lawyers! The Christensen Law Firm brought out two of its finest, managing partner Russ Hymas and Marketing Director Jake Lee, to prove that lawyers can not only talk the best of them, but can walk the walk as well! Both participated in the century race, constituting 100+ miles, as bicycle lawyers joined with other bike enthusiasts in an exhausting yet exhilarating time!

Staff of the Christensen Law Firm, which co-sponsored the race, was on hand not only to support and cheer their comrades, but also to manage a $250 gift-certificate raffle, pass out copies of The Utah Bicycle Accident Handbook, and answer various questions related to cycling and the law. The Christensen Law Firm is pleased to announce Sergio Vasquez of South Jordan as winner of the raffle. We congratulate all of those who participated in the race and wish for great cycling achievement in the future!

The Christensen Law Firm, also known as the Utah Bicycle Accident Lawyers, have as one of their chief aims to help fellow cyclists become aware of their rights on the road, what they can do to protect themselves before an accident, and what they can do in case of an accident. For this reason, Ken Christensen has written The Utah Bicycle Accident Handbook. This book is available for free at We encourage you to visit the site and request your free copy, or for additional information regarding a case in which you may have been injured, call the Christensen Law Firm at (801) 506-0800.