Cycling InfographicThe Christensen Law Firm has released a new cycling infographic that outlines common cycling injuries and helmet statistics of accident victims. The infographic is timely due to the post-Utah Bike Summit ambiance; there has been an amplified amount of awareness for cycling safety in Utah.  The increasing numbers of motorists and cyclists on roadways requires a greater attentiveness to cycling safety, which can be summed up as proper education and proper riding equipment.  Also, proposed helmet legislation has caused the cycling community to express differing views on the possible impacts of requiring cyclists to wear helmets.


The Christensen Law Firm has published a new cycling infographic that outlines common cycling injuries and helmet statistics for accident victims.  The need for this information is paramount due to the increased numbers of motorists and cyclists on the road.  To safely commute with each other, motorists and cyclists need proper education and safety equipment.

The 2012 Utah Bike Summit, held last month in Ogden, Utah, addressed some of these issues.  Cyclists, motorists, transit authorities, city planners, and cycling advocates came together to discuss the issue of increased cyclists within cities and surrounding wilderness and how to handle them.  The Bike Summit’s momentum has continued even weeks after the event.

In the wake of the Summit, the Christensen Law Firm’s infographic uses unfortunately grim statistics to educate cyclists on the importance of bicycle helmets and common injuries.    Some injuries are due to the sport itself and may not be prevented outside of proper training and conditioning.  On the other hand, it is clear that wearing a helmet saves lives and should always be worn.  One statistic says that 2/3 of cycling accident deaths are from traumatic brain injuries.

The issue of wearing helmets while cycling is a heated issue in Utah; there are proponents for and opponents against cycling helmet legislation.  Those for helmet legislation see the proposed laws as a no brainer because the statistics show that helmets save lives.  Those opposed to helmet laws believe lives would be saved with more education, or street smarts, not more regulation.  Opponents also say that rigorous helmet laws would create an atmosphere of fear and ultimately dissuade people from riding bikes, something that no transit authority, avid cyclist, or commuter would want; the desire is to get as many people on bikes as possible, but to do so safely.  Opponents are not opposed to wearing helmets; in fact, many profess to do so on a regular basis.  What they are trying to do is make sure society is not filled with more fear than is good.

The debate between education and helmet legislation will most likely continue but, whichever way you lean on the issue, a helmet is a good idea and has been shown to save lives.  The infographic is meant to raise awareness of the issue, and to possibly get more people to wear helmets regardless of a law requiring them to do so.

The Christensen Law Firm hopes that every cyclist and motorist will utilize this infographic for good, and that they will share it with their loved ones; lives may be saved by sharing this information.

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