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Warmer weather means more cyclists on the road, and more people piling in their cars for road trips. Unfortunately, the two sometimes meet in unfortunate ways. Car-on-bike accidents can have serious consequences. Utah’s Bicycle Lawyers are dedicated to helping injured cyclists after these kinds of accidents. However, prevention is the best form of help. Here are some tips on avoiding car-on-bike accidents:

Why Do Car-on-Bike Accidents Happen?

Of course, all accidents are different. You never know what is going to happen on the road. However, there are some common crash causes:

  • Speed
    • Excess speed lowers reaction time — whether the cyclist or driver is moving too fast. If you are riding quickly and a vehicle turns in front of you, you will not have much time to react.
  • Distraction
    • Both cyclists and drivers have the responsibility to be alert, use signals, and watch where they are going.

Just last October, a cyclist was killed in a car-on-bike accident by a potentially distracted driver. She and her husband were riding legally through the crosswalk. The driver failed to stop for a red light and struck both the cyclist and her husband, who suffered serious injuries.

  • Visibility
    • All sorts of things can decrease visibility — nighttime, obstacles such as bushes and trees, parked cars, etc. Only make turns or other maneuvers which you know can be done safely.

How to Avoid an Accident

  • Slow Down!
    • Maintain a reasonable speed, and adjust to your surroundings if necessary. If there is heavy traffic, do what you can to minimize the risk of a car-on-bike accident.
  • Be Alert
    • Do your best to ignore the many different distractions on the road. Keep your eyes on the road and remain aware of your surroundings.
  • Watch Carefully and Be Seen
    • One of the most common excuses after an accident is, “I didn’t even see you there!” Make yourself visible to those around you by avoiding blind spots and using turn signals. Also, look in each necessary direction before making any turns, stops, or lane changes.

Car-on-bike accidents happen too frequently. They killed a total of 720 bicyclists in 2014. Do your part to lower this number by riding cautiously and defensively.

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