Preparing For A Bike RideThe free wind is blowing through your hair.  The sunlight glances off your helmet to illuminate a pair of canoodling butterflies.  The disembodied voice of Freddy Mercury trills behind you that he also loves to ride his bicycle.  And, for some reason, there are alligator lizards in the air.   You can’t explain all the things you see, but you don’t have to.  You cherish every improbable aspect of your morning ride, hovering reptiles and all.

Suddenly, your beatific state is demolished by the appearance of a car making a left into your path at breakneck speed.  The free wind is jailed.  The butterflies’ moment is killed.  Freddy Mercury shrieks.  The alligator lizards are still unaffected by the limits of reality; but none of that matters as much as your sudden impact with the car and loss of contact with your bicycle.  When you come to, you are scraped, stunned, and glad you wore a helmet.  However, you are also concerned about the new shape of your foot.

When catastrophe rears its ugly fender, and you find yourself injured because of another driver’s carelessness, it can be difficult knowing where to turn next.  A seasoned Salt Lake City bicycle accident attorney can walk you through the process of getting a grasp on what has happened, making an insurance claim, and seeking compensation from the guilty party.  For a listening ear and expert advice, call Christensen and Hymas at 801-506-0800.


Infographic Courtesy of Christensen & Hymas