You may have recognized the Utah Department of Transportation’s Road Respect program in progress while driving on I-15. The Salt lake car accident attorneys of the Christensen Law Firm also want to put emphasis on these posters to promote awareness of state laws involving driving around bicyclists. This program began back in June as a way of making both parties aware of their presence and responsibility when interacting with each other.

Rules of the Road When Around Bicyclists

In 2009, UDOT compiled a crash report concluding that more than 850 bicyclists are involved in crashes with motor vehicles, and six bicyclists are killed in an average year in Utah. Salt Lake car accident attorneys and UDOT want to help change that statistic.

In order for this to improve, UDOT has provided several suggestions of which both motorists and bicyclists should be aware:

Bicyclists should ride in a predictably straight, single file line with the flow of traffic. While bikes may be more maneuverable, they still need to obey the legal rules of the road. It is important for cars to be able to see bicyclists and their movement in order to prevent collisions.

As the posters are saying, motorists must give at least 3 feet of space between the car and the bicycle. That is a law, not a recommendation. Being aware of bicyclists on the road is also important so as to not accidentally turn into them after previously passing them. Motorists should constantly avoid distractions in order to be constantly aware.

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Salt Lake car accident attorneys know that even though we work for prevention, accidents between motorists and bicyclists will still happen. If you or a loved one has been injured in an accident by the negligence of another party, contact the Salt Lake car accident attorneys at the Christensen Law Firm for a free consultation at 801-506-0800.