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As Utah’s Bicycle Lawyers, we’ve experienced many different bike accident cases. They are all unique, but there are some similarities, as well. Keeping track of your bike condition before and after an accident is extremely helpful.

Obviously, you can’t go back in time after an accident. Regularly taking photos of your bike and equipment can be very helpful if you  ever do crash. Being able to demonstrate the effects an accident had on your bike condition can win or lose a case.

Keeping Track of Your Bike Condition

If you can provide proof of your bike’s condition before an accident, your case is much stronger. So how do you provide the best proof possible?


Take pictures of everything. Seemingly minor parts or components can play a big role in an accident case. These include:

  • The Whole Bike
  • Wheels, Axles, and Spokes
  • Chains
  • Handlebars and Gears
  • Seat
  • Brakes and Pedals
  • Helmets, Shoes, and other Equipment

Take pictures of any minor damage to your bike after rides, and of any changes or upgrades that you make on it. Keep records of past damages and repairs. Receipts can provide proof of your bike’s worth, especially if you make changes and upgrades.

Recording Your Bike Condition after a Crash

  • The key here, once again, is pictures. Take pictures of bike and equipment damage, as well as any visible personal injuries.
  • You now have “before” and “after” photos to use in your insurance claim. This is a huge help.

While pictures, receipts, and records are helpful, they are not essential to a case. We can still help you file an insurance claim and win an injury settlement without them. If you have questions about bike insurance or accident cases, contact us today for a free consultation.

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