helmet cameraAs a bicyclist, having close calls when it comes to accidents happens more often than we would hope. One of the greatest challenges of bicyclist involved in an accident is to present proof of what exactly happened, especially if there are no witnesses to the accident and the one responsible fled the scene. It will be difficult then to persecute the offending motorist and unfortunately, the bicyclist will be left alone to deal with the accident and associated costs from the incident.

Some bicyclists are now using the camera on their cell phones to record the scene after the accident. However, you might not be able to get all of the information you need because you might not be quick enough to pull out your phone and record.

Instead of using your cell phone camera, mount a camera on your helmet or bicycle to record everything from the start of the ride until you’re done. To be able to do this, you will need a sturdy camera designed for the purpose of getting a real-time recording of your riding experience. You will also need a camera that has a sizable memory capacity and excellent recording features. In order for the recording to be useful, the recording should be clear and not too blurry.

An article featured an avid bicyclist named Lebster Pabon who emphasizes the importance of getting a good record of the event if an accident does happen while cycling. Pabon was hit by a car’s door while biking causing him to fall and crash into the car. He now recommends mounting a GoPro camera to record a rides and to be able to recall the events if something were to occur. Pabon added that GoPros are easy to use and only cost two hundred dollars. According to the article, several companies make helmet and handle bar mounted cameras, but GoPro has become the industry leader.

Go for the camera that is suitable to your needs and fits in your budget. The scene you recorded may be crucial for your compensation claims after an accident. Also, since GroPro is a point of view camera, it could be enjoyable to watch the ride later and experience the ride all over again.

Christensen & Hymas appreciates this gadget that could help increase safety awareness and might be an effective deterrent to poor driving behavior of others. Bicyclists are at a disadvantage when they are involved in an accident with another vehicle. If you have concerns on bicycle accidents involving reckless behavior or negligence, call us at (801)-506-0800 for a free consultation. We have excellent personal injury lawyers who can help you with your concerns regarding an accident.

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