Isn’t it just a drag when the boards you were shipping home, unfastened, in the bed of your pickup truck fall out and get demolished by a bicyclist riding behind you? Or doesn’t it just grind your gears when you miss a bicyclist in your blind spot, change lanes, and totally smash your vehicle colliding with them?

If you answered “yes” to either of these questions, you lead a strange life. Although an impervious bicyclist can cause problems for the drivers of motor vehicles, you are far more likely to hear of a bicyclist being injured because of an act committed by a car’s driver than the other way around. In fact, bicyclists are not only more likely to be injured by a larger vehicle, but they are more likely to be injured because it was the other driver at fault. While the environment for bicyclists has been rapidly improving, Utah bike accidents are still a common occurrence, largely because so many other drivers and individuals responsible for the upkeep of roadways fail to take bicyclist rights into account.

One way to reduce bike accidents is to hold their authors to account for them. Just as relevantly, the victim of an accident deserves help in getting medical treatment. If you are a bicyclist in need of compensatory funds following an injurious accident, Christensen & Hymas can see that you get the best possible for the harms you have sustained. For a discussion of your case with renowned personal injury attorneys, call 801-506-0800.