When someone says that they just bought a new bicycle, what do you imagine? Of course you picture two wheels, and it probably has a roughly triangular frame with pedals for your feet and handle bars that are level with the seat, above the wheels. According to Utah state law, however, there are a few very specific features which legally define a bicycle. According to Kenneth Christensen’s book, The Utah Bicycle Accident Book:

A “bicycle” is defined as a wheeled vehicle propelled by human power; by feet or hands acting upon pedals or cranks, with a seat or saddle, designed to be used on the ground for the use of the operator, whose wheels are not less than 14 inches in diameter.”

In addition, a bicycle can be electrically assisted so long as it has fully operable pedals on affixed cranks and weighs less than 75 pounds. By this definition, the following models—as strange as they may seem—are legally bicycles.

The Couch Bicycle

couchBicycleThough this bicycle may not make the most efficient use of energy, its sure does look comfortable! This two-person bicycle is available to rent, but is questionable in how legal it is to ride on the road. The Couch Bicycle is not recommended for daily commuting.

Photo courtesy of bikeforest.com.

Large, Half-Backward Tandem

Large Two-SeaterIf a normal tandem is too conventional, perhaps this GIGANTIC tandem will suit your taste. So long as you have a spotter and your friends don’t mind riding backwards.

Photo courtesy of spytech.com.

Circular Bike

Cicular bicycleOkay, this one is technically a tricycle, but it is nonetheless worth mentioning—this imaginative design was made to amaze. The creative frame work of Sergio Garcia from Dallas, Texas has removed the frame out from underneath the rider to a more external location. While this design may prove useful when being frontally assaulted with a football, I would be careful to avoid low hanging branches or tunnels.

Image courtesy of www.sergiotheg.com

Wicker Bicycle

Wicker bicycle

Utah state law fails to specify that a bicycle cannot be made out of wicker. Though I might be a little cautious to ride this bicycle, it is a beautiful work. This wicker bicycle is a creation of artist Jarbas Lopes and is now part of Arizona State University’s collection.

Photo courtesty of cmybacon.com.

Pony Bicycle

Always wanted a pony but don’t have a 50 acre backyard and a supply of hay?Pony Bicycle No problem! This bicycle offers a practical alternative for urban equestrians who are dying to ride off into the sunset on their trusty bicycle.

Image courtesy of weheartit.com.

Locust Folding Bicycle

This bicycle has more than just a unique look—it’s collapsible. The circular frame was chosen to conform to the shape of the wheels, which not only is a new approach to an often attempted idea,Folding Bicycle but also provides a look that pops out from the normal, triangular frame of your typical bike. This bicycle is called the Locust and was designed by Josef Cardek.

Image courtesy of momtastic.com.

 Toilet Bicycle

Toilet Bicycle

Image courtesy of toxel.com.

This elegant design combines practicality with modern mobility.