Truck Blind spotAs cyclists, we have all experienced the mass confusion that can be the roadways. Many times you as the cyclist, must keep your eye out for all sorts of potential accidents, whether it be cars, poles, or even the roadway itself. Even more important are the decisions you make consistently to get you where you need to go. This can involve crossing traffic, roadways, and even dodging cars and trucks. While all of these decisions are hard enough to make as it is, the last one; dodging cars and especially trucks can prove especially difficult when dealing with their blind spots. The following is a list of what you need to know when approaching a truck’s blind spot, car’s blind spot, and blind spots in general.  The definition of a blind spot is “an area where a person’s view is obstructed.”

Truck’s Blind Spots:

The first item to be aware of in consideration to trucks is to be aware of their general blind spots.  Behind the trailer, next to the truck motor, and in front of the truck make it virtually impossible for the truck driver to see you.  It is also very important to be patient around the truck, sometimes it is easy to become rushed and frustrated but the more patient you are, the easier it will be for you to stay safe.  Thirdly, if you can’t see the trucks mirrors the truck probably can’t see you. While the truck mirrors are designed to see as much as they can, do not assume they can see you. Also, if you are planning to go through an intersection, be aware if a truck is turning right because they will not be able to see you or stop in time. Many trucks also specify what blind spots they have to help motorists and cyclists be aware of what they simply can’t see.

Car’s blind Spots:

The first item to remember in consideration to a car’s blind spot is to remember that correctly adjusted side mirrors on a car can lead to the elimination of blind spots.  However, as the cyclist you should never assume that the motorist has correctly adjusted their mirrors.  In general, motorists tend to forget to check over their shoulder or at the back of the car when they are driving, so it is best to stay out of this specific area.  Remember that the characteristics of the driver can create more or less blind spots.  For example, if a driver is short they might have a harder time seeing over the front of their car and behind the door division. If the driver is tall, they may be able to see around most of the car, but might look over you if they are distracted.

Blind Spots in General:

Every kind of car or truck has a different blind spot. The best policy to have around vehicles is a policy of complete caution and awareness that they may not see you, even if they have every reason to. However, it is important to not become completely paralyzed by the chance of being in a cars’ blind spots.  There is a lot of new technology available on cars which help motorists and trucks become more aware of objects that they may be missing because of these spots.  These sensors are top notch and help protect you as the cyclist.

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