Bicyclists are privileged to enjoy thrills that the drivers of motor vehicles do not—the elation of coasting down a hill, the wind in their hair, the taste of insects stuck in their teeth.  However, equilibrium dictates that the joy of bicycling must come packaged with some drawbacks; and indeed, it does:  Whereas car drivers get to crush discarded material beneath their tires and make strategic use of potholes to spill their friend’s shake, bicyclists are vulnerable to injury when they are unable to circumnavigate these hazards.

Bicyclists are entitled to expect that their routes will be safe.  What many do not realize is that when this is not the case, they may be due for compensation.  You don’t have to blame yourself for clumsiness when you encounter dangerous conditions without sufficient prior warning.  If your safety is compromised by forces outside yourself, you may qualify to file a personal injury suit.

Your compensation—and thus, your ability to recuperate quickly and thoroughly—depends largely upon the quality of your counsel.  To call Utah’s best bicycle accident lawyer, dial 801-506-0800 for Christensen & Hymas or 1-800-LAW-BOOK to request a handbook on bicycle accidents and lawsuits.