There are some things in this world we know for sure. For example, when something goes up, it must come down or that the sun always rises. You learned how to ride a bike at an early age and now it comes as second nature. Cycling and how it works seems simple. It is just one of those things that we know for sure. But it turns out we (that includes cyclists and scientific experts) don’t know how bicycles work as well as we thought.


Most kids, when learning how to ride a bike, start with training wheels. These extra wheels stabilize the child’s balance, making it impossible to tip to either side. But it turns out that bikes, by themselves, don’t need the extra help of training wheels to stay up right. No, this doesn’t mean that a bike doesn’t need a person to travel, but if a bike is going fast enough it can balance, steer and correct itself, without human guidance. It is a bizarre phenomenon. The way that bikes are built, how and where the handlebars placed, allow the bike to steer itself. This is why it is possible to ride your bike “with no handlebars.” Don’t do that though, it’s illegal! Also watch this video to see why the counterintuitive physics of bicycle steering works.


The science behind the self-correcting bicycle is recent research as of 2011. This means that even today we are still learning new things about bikes and how they work. It is not essential to know how a bike actually works in order to ride it, enjoy it and excel at it, however, sometimes we mistake skill, for knowledge. This is not to say that nobody is knowledgable. In fact, most cyclists have a deep understanding of how bikes work and how to fix them. But a large portion, (43% in one study) failed to recognize accurate pedal, chain and frame placement. There are some things in this world that we know for sure and it turns out bikes aren’t one of them. But we know enough to get out on the road use them.

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