Perhaps the most remarkable thing about human beings is their ability to change. Rocks, nuclear energy, and furry dice dangling from a rear view mirror are subject to the same laws of physics in the same way for time and all eternity, provided that external forces under those same laws of physics do not alter their physical essence in a way that will cause them to interact differently with their physical environment. Living creatures, on the other hand, undergo changes over time that are influenced by acts of the will. To a significant extent, the amount of skill, body mass, or dust you acquire is the result of an abstract, as yet immeasurable force of conscious choice. No matter how old you are, how broke you are, or how little time you have, you can always find subtle ways to push the parameters of your personal best. This is mankind’s crowning glory: the ability to improve.

When non-living things take on the ever-morphing nature that belongs to the realm of the living, problems ensue for the living things that depend on them. I allude, of course, to the never-ending story that is road construction in Utah. Some of Utah’s worst bicycle accidents (“best” by the standards of the man-eating pavement) result when gravel, wet material, and other obstacles to safe bicycling turn up on your accustomed path without due warning and cause injury from skidding, hitting at an angle, or otherwise clashing with a hazard left in the wake/interim of construction projects. Insufficient warning of such changes to the nonliving background can be more than aggravating—they can lead to bicycle accidents.

Should you ever suffer more than annoyance on your bicycle because of an unheralded peril, you may not have to shoulder the costs of the injury alone. Utah’s worst bicycle accidents need Utah’s best bicycle accident attorneys. The lawyers at Christensen & Hymas can tell you whether or not you have a personal injury case and how to go about it if you do. Fighting negligence on your own is a hard, gravelly road, even if the truth is on your side. A bicycle accident attorney can help you find compensation if you deserve and require it.

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