The first principle of bicycle safety is visibility. This is part of the reason why you see so many bicyclists wearing outfits patterned after Liberace’s piano or Dennis Rodman’s head—the more outlandishly they dress, the better they stand out against a landscape that is almost certainly not made of rhinestones or leopard skin. (It cannot, of course, be proved that some bicyclists do not just enjoy the ostentation of their cycling outfits.)

Naturally, you do not have to sport glittery short shorts in order to be seen by other drivers. However, even in bicycle-friendly areas like Utah, bicycle accidents are still a serious risk. Your visibility, like your helmet or your stylish fanny pack, is something you should take note of before you mount your bicycle. To achieve this, you can procure reflector strips, shiny protective gear, or even faux mohawks that sprout from the top of your helmet. Whether you opt to wear a construction-zone orange shirt or depend on your shining farmer tan for nocturnal glow-in-the-dark protection, it is within your best interest to stand out like the last Oreo.

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