Bicycling has been growing steadily in popularity as its benefits have become commonly known.  Experts putting their heads together on the matter agree almost without exception that it is to be extolled as a wholesome, healthy, low-cost activity.

While two heads singing praises to the bicycle are better than one cooking up excuses to forego unflattering spandex shorts, the wisdom you employ in riding a bicycle to save money, time, the environment, etc. does not qualify as an extra brain.  Bicyclers must always take care to protect the one very vulnerable head they do have against the four wheels that pose a potential threat to it by taking measures to make themselves visible, staying aware of their surroundings, and following traffic codes.

These items are helpful (indeed, bicycle accidents seem to be on the decline), but they cannot guarantee a bicyclist’s safety.  Inexperienced, distracted, intoxicated, or myopic drivers may yet miss a smaller vehicle, fail to turn aside or stop in time, or simply disregard roadway courtesy in a hurry.  A National Highway Traffic Safety Administration survey reveals that in 2009, 51,000 pedalcyclists were injured in traffic accidents.  Personal watchfulness is not always enough.

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