A person who uses a bicycle naturally becomes accustomed to planning ahead, whether they’re carving out an allotment of extra minutes for their commute to work or a packing for a biking expedition through the woods.  They must work around larger vehicles and allow for more time to get from point A to point B in order to ensure your punctuality.  In addition, a bicyclist has to don safety gear before taking to the road because of the disproportionate hazards they face by nature of their mode of conveyance.  The things that a motor vehicle driver takes for granted are things you have to take into account each time you fasten on your fanny pack.

As a preemptive planner, you know how to take precautions; and as a bicyclist who has had your share of brushes with disaster, these precautions might already have taken the form of a question:  “Who are the top bicycle accident attorneys in Salt Lake City?”

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