One fine day, two neighbors are chatting over the fence when one of them starts grousing about his dog’s strange habits. “I’ve had it up to here with him,” he grunts, making a slashing motion across his neck. “No matter what he’s doing—eating, sleeping, bothering the cat—he chases everyone who goes up this street on a bicycle. Once he gets going, there’s no stopping him.”

“That can be a hassle,” affirms his neighbor, frowning sympathetically. “Do you think you’ll have to get rid of him?”
“No, no!” replies the dog owner, aghast. “There’s no need to resort to that! I was just going to take his bike away!”

As much fun as it is to ride a bicycle, bicycling is risky in ways that other modes of transportation are not (whether or not you happen to be provoking the neighborhood dogs). A bicycle’s small, lightweight, relatively unstable frame makes it more susceptible to roadway disasters. Hazards that are unique to bicycling include puddles, wet metal, gravel, and car doors, to name a few. In addition, many hazards not unique to bicycling are uniquely dangerous to bicyclists, such as decreased visibility and off-road collisions. Accidents that would barely dent a motor vehicle may prove fatal to the commuter on 2 wheels. Bicyclists face most of the same dangers faced by everyone on the road, but have less protection in the event that they do occur.

Perhaps the greatest risk—and the root of the other risks—that bicyclists face is lack of consideration from other drivers. As of yet, bicycling for more than occasional recreation is an activity regularly indulged by only a small percentage of the U.S. population. Motor vehicle drivers in general have yet to adjust to the growing number of bicyclists on the road. However, bicyclists have always had the same legal rights as motorists, even though they are harder to see.

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