It’s just another day for the Texas Ranger gone solo—he awakens before the dawn, downs a nutritious and manly breakfast, and summons his ethnic minority friend to apprise him of the day’s exceedingly masculine agenda of hunting murderous gangs, out-throwing heavy objects, and halting demon locomotives.  “Heigh ho, Silver!” bellows our hero as they head out, leaving a billowing cloud of dust behind them.  Injustice will never know what hit it (even though this is not the first time he has been struck by this very force for good).

In all likelihood, you are not the Lone Ranger.  You are probably not self-employed to perform the essential tasks of a superhero, and you probably don’t run into attempts on your life on a daily basis.  However, even regular civilians face many dangers each time they mount a bicycle (not necessarily named “Silver)—many of these stemming from the inattentiveness of others.

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