Cycling Utah ( is a great website that reports on the latest news concerning bicyclists. One of their latest articles reports on the Larry H. Miller Tour of Utah, a local race that is becoming increasingly popular throughout the world. People everywhere come to Utah to simply enjoy the beautiful scenery and race through the challenging Utah terrain. The road race is in the planning stages of where each of the six stages will be held. Thus far, it is known that the race will begin in Ogden, Utah and finish in Park City, Utah. There will be 16 featured teams, possibly including five professional teams, and the race is free to all spectators who enjoy such a unique sport. Races of this nature, in particular, have captured the interest of at least one lawyer who specializes in bicycle injuries, for while the popularity of such events increases general cycling popularity throughout the state, it is inevitable that bicycle injuries will increase as well.

3 Bicycle Accident Prevention Tips

Anytime you are on an object using high speeds, an accident is very possible. Therefore it is necessary to protect yourself before you go out on the open road and race. A few safe tips by which to abide that could prevent bicycle accident injuries are:

  1. Practice, practice, practice. Try to train on the similar terrain as the race.
  2. Eat enough calories up to a few days before the race; remember to stay hydrated.
  3. Despite how hot you will get racing, continue to always wear your safety gear.

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