Almost 5 years ago to the day, National Graphic featured a video on their YouTube channel in which a mother grasshopper mouse fights a centipede that is menacing her litter.  The mouse, tiny, fleshy, and in all ways more delicate than her enormous opponent, uses her speed and agility to vanquish the threat to her family by removing its head (and briefly nibbles on the decapitated body in an act of triumph).  The comment thread for this video is replete with expressions of satisfaction that the mouse was able to protect her young.

Stories like these inspire relief and mammalian solidarity.  Unfortunately, the underdog does not always win against its armored adversary.  For instance, when a bicyclist and an automobile collide, the bicyclist will almost invariably get the short end of the stick.  Unlike the grasshopper mouse, a bicyclist cannot compete with their ironclad rival in term of speed; and there is certainly nothing on a bicycle (or its rider) that would allow it to behead a motor vehicle, even if such a thing as a head existed on a car.  While the drivers of motor vehicles are required by law to watch out for bicyclists and to give them a wide berth, bicyclists are often overlooked by drivers who are rushed, tired, or simply not paying attention.

A bicyclist may be harder to see on the road, but this is no excuse for injuring one.  (After all, a car does not require bicycles for sustenance as a centipede eats mice.)  If you have been injured on a bicycle by another driver, and fault can be assigned to that driver, then a bicycle accident lawyer can help procure the compensation you need to seek necessary medical treatment.

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