As a bicyclist, you depend only upon your own accident avoidance skills and the consideration or vigilance of other drivers to keep out of danger.  Regardless, no matter what guts it takes to ride a bicycle, no one is so thrill-seeking that they would not prefer their guts to stay inside their body (as they have every right to suppose they would).  Bicycling should not be a daredevil sport; it is an alternative mode of transportation and should be treated as such.  Just because someone chooses to ride a bicycle to work, school, etc. does not mean they just wanted to take their life into their hands that day…and yet, this is a very common view of bicyclists.

When your rights to the road are overlooked, and you are seriously hurt as a result, you are entitled to damage payments. A  Salt Lake City bicycle accident attorney at Christensen & Hymas can see to it that those damages are paid so that you can seek treatment for injuries and recover without having to worry about lost income.

Injury is not part and parcel with the decision to ride a bicycle.  For a free consultation, call (801) 506-0800.