As an attorney who handles bicycle accident cases, it is a grave concern that the funding for cyclist transportation will possibly be cut. It is widely known that our nation is in an economical catastrophe. Our national debt looms near the $15.5 trillion mark and continues to grow about $4 billion each day in interest. With a debt crisis such as ours, it is very normal to cut spending where and when needed. Unfortunately, motor vehicles are given the priority over cycling. Unless our legislatures can agree on the importance of bicycling, then the cycling infrastructure will have to take the back seat. Most of our state’s representatives notice the increase of bicycles as the main mode of transportation in our nation’s capital. However, people still prefer motor vehicles to travel each day, and only because it is a matter of convenience. For the state of Utah, populaces are even less likely to travel by bicycle as a main mode of transportation. Until we give our law makers a reason to protect the funding for updating bicycle routes and creating new infrastructure, we will unfortunately loose the financial support.  In further, updates and new infrastructure are essential for bicycle safety and your protection.

3 Ways to Support Funding for Cyclists

Every day our country is experiencing rising prices. Gasoline alone has increase by more than 40 cents in the last month.  Food prices are rising along with our energy bills. Before long, cycling could be the most economical way for American families to save money. Regardless of our national financial status we still need to make it to work; bicycles could very well offer the cheapest form of transportation. There is a disadvantage to employees who live far from their work; however, funding for public transportation to update their buses or trains to include bicycle racks is just one way government funding could help. There are three ways we can tackle this issue on decreasing funds for bicyclists which include:

1. Start using your bicycle. Simple as that.

2. Inspire your friends and family to start using a bicycle as a means of transportation.

3. Write your congressman and express the importance of funding for bicyclists.

The Christensen Law Firm is a proud supporter of funding for updating and creating new bicycle routes for accessibility. At Christensen & Hymas, we understand that funding for bicyclist is essential in keeping you safe. If you should ever become injured on your bicycle due to the negligence of someone else, we guarantee dedicated service to meet all your needs. Call us at 801-506-0800 for a free consultation.

Image courtesy of Nemo on Pixabay