A Salt Lake City man has taken it upon himself to ensure the future protection of cyclists by putting strands of LED lights on bicycles and backpacks. Brandon Smith first conceived of the idea after he was almost hit by a vehicle on a dark street; now, with his LED lights, vehicles more than two blocks can see the approaching cyclist. The set of either 24 or 48 LED lights go on the forks of the front and back tires, which can be controlled by a wireless device strapped to the handlebars and allow the user to indicate if one is turning left or right, like a car. The company, LED by LITE, will make the product available to be shipped in February 2012. Bicycle accident attorney Russ Hymas of the Christensen Law Firm identifies this as another good way for cyclists to make sure their presence is known on Utah streets.

Bicycle Accident Attorneys seek safety first

According to recent report by KSL, Utah saw 7 bicycle deaths in the last year alone. This summer saw the hit-and-run bicycle accident that resulted in the death of Brynn Barton as well as the hit-and-run accident involving Fox 13 news anchor Kerri Cronk.

In an attempt to increase education about cyclists and their rightful place on Utah roads, bicycle accident attorney Ken Christensen of the Christensen Law Firm has written ‘The Utah Bicycle Accident Handbook.’ Therein Utah bicycle law is laid out in layman’s terms to educate the general public about the rights of cyclists, as well as several ways by which cyclists can protect themselves in the event of an accident.

This book is offered free of charge through the Christensen Law Firm, and be received by calling (801) 506-0800. If you are a loved one has been injured in a bike accident, call the personal injury lawyers at the number above to receive a free consultation.