Spring Trail _ 5694006041_2d25d28aa4 _ by Edmund GarmanThe coming spring invites a new year of bike races across the state! In Utah, bicycling happens to be one of the more popular activities due to the state’s breath-taking scenery and enjoyable trails. An example of an upcoming race is The Exergy Tour, a new international women’s pro-cycling race, which will be held in Utah’s neighboring state Idaho from May 24–28, 2012. Training for a such a race includes a minimum of several months of hard work. More than likely, your training would have begun this past fall into these few months of winter. Winter brings beautiful snow but ice and snow mounds are a part of the package, too. Thus, it is essential to know how to winterize your bicycle as part of your training routine. If you should ever get into an accident due to the negligence of another person, seeking an attorney who specializes in bicycle accidents is available to assist you throughout the Salt Lake Valley.

 Bicycle Attorney Promotes Winter Bicycle Safety Measures

Whether you are training for a race or not, right now many are hesitant to ride their bicycles due to the cold and sometimes icy weather. Opportunely, there may not even be a serious concern for bicycle enthusiasts. You can still use your bicycle as mode of transportation or exercise despite what is going on outdoors. A few days ago, cycleutah.com published an article offering winter safety suggestions so you can still enjoy training or that leisure time on your bicycle during the winter months:

  • Always wear a reflective belt and/or install a blinking light.
  • Dress in warm clothes, particularly wearing gloves designed for bicycling in the cold.
  • Consider buying a bicycle with the capability of riding in the ice and snow.  The author suggested trying out a Surly Pugsley.
  • Install a light for riding at night.

All in all, winterizing your bicycle works and you can still have the benefit of riding as much as you were during the warmer months. Of course, the risk of a bicycle injury is still present, and you have many of the same risks regardless of what month of the year it happens to be. If you should ever become seriously injured, a bicycle attorney at the Christensen Law Firm could provide you with great legal representation. We are committed to serving those who been wrongfully injured with both compassion and integrity. Contact us at 801-506-0800 for a free consultation.

Image courtesy of Edmund Garman on Flickr