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A Google search for the “best Utah mountain biking trails” usually provides many choices of rides in Moab. This makes sense, because Moab is an incredible area for mountain biking. But most of us in the Salt Lake area need something a little closer to home.

Here are some of the best Utah mountain biking trails not in Moab:

Best Utah Mountain Biking Trails Outside of Moab

  1. Wasatch Crest — Salt Lake City
    • This is an intermediate single-track trail which runs for about 20 miles. It features stunning views at elevations over 9,600 ft.
  2. Bobsled — Salt Lake City
    • Another intermediate single-track trail — this one is 8 miles long. Features lower elevation than Wasatch Crest (about 4,000 ft) and a fast downhill ride.
  3. Green Pond Loop — Ogden
    • This trail is for beginners and only 5 miles long. You will likely encounter families and hikers, and need to adjust your speed accordingly.
  4. Southern Skyline Trail — Ogden
    • This 12-mile Ogden trail is for advanced riders. It is well-worth it — the views are amazing.
  5. Bonneville Shoreline — Ogden
    • This trail is 8 miles long and recommended for intermediate riders. It’s a single-track that reaches over 4,000 feet in elevation.
  6. Ridge Trail 157 — American Fork
    • This is an 18-mile trail that branches off to many different side trails. It is recommended for strong intermediate riders because of its hills and terrain.
  7. Rush Trail — Draper
    • This is a downhill trail with fast turns. It will keep intermediate and advanced riders happy with jumps and gaps that you can take on or ride around. It’s short — only about 3 miles — but it leads to many other trails if you want to extend your ride.
  8. Rodeo Down — Alpine
    • This is an intermediate trail which runs about 16 miles and takes about an hour to ride. It is downhill-only and a sub-trail of the Lambert Park Trail.
  9. Mill Creek Pipeline — Salt Lake City
    • A beginner trail — about 8 miles long in the Salt Lake area.
  10. Timpanooke — American Fork
    • An winding, hilly intermediate trail that is about 6 miles long.

Again, Moab is an incredible place to mountain bike, and we strongly encourage you to go. But in the meantime, these local trails are great, as well.

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