Bike helmets protect your head. As you begin your training for the summer season, perhaps it is time to reconsider your head gear. Here is a list of some lightweight, ventilated, and durable helmets that will keep your most valuable asset safe. They will also help you look good on the road.


Weighing an impressive 200 grams, the POC OCTAL will keep you cool, keep you safe, and keep you fast. The EPS foam liner and uni-body polycarbonate shell provides reliable brain-saving protection. The POC Coolbest padding technology, will keep your head cool without losing its aerodynamics. The built in garage positions your sunglasses during your ride. This is one awesome helmet!


Gyro boasts that this is the most aerodynamic helmet on the market. After undergoing hundreds of tests in a wind-tunnel, they might be right. The Synthe incorporates the Aero Mesh technology, providing the perfect balance between aerodynamics and ventilation. As the frame is suspended above the head, you can witness first hand the ventilation in action. The Roc Loc Air technology allows for easy one-handed adjustments when keeping your time is critical. Overall this is a pretty cool helmet, with a pretty cool price.


Kask places emphasis on durability and safety, without compromising aerodynamics and ventilation. The polycarbonate shell, fused with an EPS foam body, will absorb all of the impact from your fall. The Protone is durable enough to maintain integrity after a crash. Kask’s Coolmax padding technology supports your body’s natural cooling process by efficiently transferring moisture and promoting evaporation. At $300, and 250 grams, the Protone could be a worthwhile addition to your arsenal.

The Utah Bicycle Lawyers remind you that wearing a helmet will drastically reduce injuries in a crash. Wearing a helmet will also strengthen your personal injury case if you’re involve in an accident. Be safe. Have fun. See you on the road.