LA Bike Trains

This collaborative bike safety project started in Los Angeles just a few years ago. It’s goal? To make riding your bike to work easier, safer and more enjoyable. The roads in LA are littered with cars; traffic often becoming unbearable during regular commuting hours. It makes sense to ride your bike. However, this also means it is dangerous. Joining the LA Bike Train is like joining a car pool. It is a large group riding session that is founded upon the idea that there are strength in numbers. Riding only as fast as the slowest biker. Each “train” has a “conductor” or an experienced cyclist at the front, leading the way, along with many more cyclists like you. It is a support group.

The idea of group riding is not new. But, LA Bike Trains make it easy to find others who are willing to join a group. We know it is difficult to find cyclists at your skill level, but the benefits of group riding make it worth the search.


No matter how many reflectors you put on your bike, some people just won’t see you. It can be really frustrating. Also, many drivers aren’t familiar with cycling laws and don’t even know where cyclists are allowed to be on the road. There is a lot of miscommunication between the cycling community and drivers. While we try to bridge this gap, group riding can and will increase your safety on the road. Having more cyclists together immediately makes you more visible. You are a pack.  This will prevent accidents because drivers will notice you quicker and further away, increasing their reaction time. In addition to visibility, group riding also gives you security if you do get in an accident. Having others with you becomes critical if you are hurt.


Riding together makes each cyclist faster. Expect the best performance from your group. Groups are known to consistently ride faster than single riders. Push each other harder! Drafting also increases the speed of the group and lowers the effort that is required to do so.


If you are training to gain speed and increase endurance, you are likely training for a race too. Riding with a group will give you valuable practice of cycling around others. You will understand better how to maneuver around other cyclists in the most efficient and safe way. It will give you a leg up. Remember that when riding as group that you can only ride two cyclists side by side.

Riding solo can also make you a better cyclists, but don’t underestimate the benefits of group riding. If you have been in an accident while riding with a group, please contact us today. We will offer you a free consultation and help you move forward in getting your life back.