Motorcycle Vigilance

Utah motorcycle lawyers admonish all riders to always be aware of their surroundings. Staying alert is especially important in the evening and after the sun goes dow, because a rider’s vision becomes more impaired in the dark. Although awareness is crucial, it cannot guarantee that accidents will not happen.Photo of motorcyclists riding down street

To help further prevent against accidents, Utah motorcycle lawyers recommend always wearing protective gear. Because motorcyclists travel at faster speeds than bicyclists do, motorcyclists are prone to greater physical harm in case of an accident.

There are several items that can and should be worn by motorcyclists to help protect their bodies:

1. Helmets

Helmets are easily the most important piece of protective gear that can be worn by a motorcyclist. In the event of an accident, the proper helmet can save a rider’s brain—and their life. When shopping for a helmet, look for a U.S. Department of Transportation (DOT) sticker. Boxes that feature these stickers contain helmets that have passed safety standards in three areas: (1) impact protection, (2) penetration protection, and (3) retention. To learn more about choosing a motorcycle helmet that is right for you, visit

 2. Jackets

Motorcycle jackets are designed to keep riders safe and to regulate external temperatures. Special padding on areas like elbows and shoulders exists to protect motorcyclists in case of a fall or crash, and vents and breathable fabrics allow jackets to keep riders both warm and cool. While jackets may initially seem like an unnecessary expense, they are actually a valuable accessory to motorcyclists. For more information about the benefits of motorcycle jackets, check out

3. Gloves

Gloves serve a similar function to jackets—protecting a specific part of your body from injury while also protecting it from the elements. Especially in motorcycle accidents, hands are often used to break a fall. Riders (even if subconsciously) throw their hands in front of their face or stick out their arms when they are about to hit the ground. A quality pair of gloves can mean the difference between minor scratches and major cuts to the hand. Gloves also protect against heat, cold, rain, wind, and bugs. In addition to information on jackets, also discusses how to find the perfect pair of gloves.

 4. Boots

There is no getting around it—motorcycle boots are big and bulky. For this reason, according to Motorcycleworld360, many new riders are hesitant to purchase them. New motorcyclists often want boots that can be worn normally and throughout the day, and they don’t want to be bothered with having to change their shoes. The very features that make motorcycle boots “inconvenient” also make them extremely worthwhile: extra velcro closures, covered laces, weather protection, stiff soles, etc. Motorcycle boots are not meant to be extremely comfortable or fashion-forward, but they <i>are</i> designed to keep your safe and attached to you body.

5. Pants

Yes, there are even special pants recommended for motorcyclists. While wearing jeans while riding is not inherently bad, “regular” pants will do very little when it comes to protecting you in an accident. Motorcycle pants are made of sturdier materials designed to withstand higher impacts— and many pants are built with body armor similar to what is found in motorcycle jackets. Investing in a pair of leather or synthetic riding pants may be what saves your legs in a motorcycle accident down the road. Check out for more specific suggestions.

Although none of these items are required by law, they are specially developed to protect motorcyclists.While no gear can completely protect against injuries, choosing to ride without the proper protective clothing could result in severe, long-term injuries in the case of an accident.

Utah Motorcycle Lawyers

These items may help lessen an injury in an accident, but injuries are still hard to handle. If you have been involved in an accident, allow us to handle your legal matters while you recover physically. Visit to learn about the attorneys at Christensen&Hymas. If you need to file a motorcycle accident claim call the Utah motorcycle lawyers at Christensen&Hymas for a free consultation at 801-506-0800.

Photo Courtesy of Benjamin Thompson and Creative Commons